Selfmade i2c 7-segments display with ATtiny85

0. Intro Because I had a bunch of common anode 7 segment displays i decided learn how to make i2c slave device. 1. 7-segment LEDs My 7-segment LEDs are marked as 5611BH and looks like this: 2. 7-segment LEDs module I connected four 7-segment displays together on PCB and i added resistors (470Ω). 3. Shift […]

Programming ATtiny85 with Arduino Uno

Simple and easy way to use Arduino Uno as ATtiny programmer. 0. Turn the Arduino into a AVRISP (AVR is a family of microcontrollers. ISP means In System Programmer) Connect Arduino and open Arduino IDE -> File -> Examples -> 11.ArduinoISP ->ArduinoISP and upload to Arduino. 1. Install hardware package for ATtiny85 1.1 Open Arduino […]