git init – loob tühja koodivaramu. Aktiveerib giti selles kataloogis. git add <failid.txt> – lisab failid ootejärjekorda git commit – salvestab ootejärjekorras olevad failid ajalukku git commit -m “lühike tekst” – git status – hetke olek koodivaramus git log – näitab kõik commited, mis me teinud oleme git checkout HEAD filename – tühistab muudatused töökataloogis […]

nano text editor

ano is a command line text editor. It is accessible from the command line and only accepts keyboard input. The command nano hello.txt opens a new text file named hello.txt in the nano text editor. The menu of keyboard commands at the bottom of the window allow us to save changes to hello.txt and exit nano. The ^ stands for the Ctrl key. Ctrl + O saves a file. […]

Linux command line

pwd outputs the name of the current working directory ls lists all files and directories in the working directory cd switches you into the directory you specify mkdir creates a new directory in the working directory touch creates a new file inside the working directory cp  copies files or directories mv  moves files. It’s similar to cp in its usage. To rename […]

C++ for beginners

Hello World Fail: hello.cpp std::cout is the “character output stream”. It is pronounced “see-out” << is an operator that comes right after it This is known as a pre-processor directive. It instructs the compiler to locate the file that contains code for a library known as iostream. This library contains code that allows for input and output, such […]

Using millis() instead of delay

millis() function returns the number of milliseconds the current sketch has been running since the last reset. millis() returns an unsigned long.

Arduino Dark Theme

New Instructions that use Arduino built-in theme mechanism. Download Find your Arduino Sketchbook location: Arduino IDE > File > Prefernces In my case /home/tauno/Arduino Go to that location and make new foler theme In my case /home/tauno/Arduino/theme Copy downloaded to theme folder. Open Arduino IDE > File > Prefernces and select new theme: […]

Wemos D1 mini

SPIFFS – SPI Flash File System. It is flas memory on ESP8266. It can be used to store configuration file. In JSON format example. Install Arduino ESP8266 filesystem uploader. You need esp8266fs.jar file not .java file.

555 timer

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Schmitti triger (lülitus)

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