A device that measures the ambient temperature in the environment in which it is located. And displays it on the screen.

Artistic description

Plant-like structures. Display like blossom. Bottom woodblock aged with brushing with a wire brush and oxidation solution (steel wool + vingar).


When the number to display changes it plays short animation.

Technical description

The first goal was to test an easier way to connect 7-segs and shift registers.
THE main CPU, Arduino pro mini, uses a thermistor to calculate the temperature. Uses two different algorithms for this: Steinhart-hart equation and Beta model equation.
The display consists of two seven-segment displays. Drove by two 74HC595 shift registers. Which is connected to the seven-segment displays in a non-traditional way. This makes the construction easier.

IDE: PlatformIO

The code is in the src directory.

Parts list

1Arduino pro mini Mega328p 5V1
2Shift Register SN74HC595N2
37-segment 5611BH / 5161BS2
4Resistor 12016
5CH340E USB to TTL BTE17-061
6Thermistor 10k1
7Resistor 10K1

Readin data

The simplest way to read serial data is to use Miniterm

Data viewed on my Serial Plotter.

Also, I have made two Python scripts. read.py and simple GUI app gui.py. What display average temperature.


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