Light with Solar Charged Battery

This type circuit is usually used in the Solar Garden Lights. It based on 5252F.

Solar Garden Light Circuit with 5252F
Solar Garden Light Circuit with 5252F

5252F Pins:

  • 1 – SMAT – Positive terminal connected to solar cells
  • 2 – BAT – Rechargeable battery positive terminal connection
  • 3 – VCC – Ground
  • 4 – LX – Power switch drain


5252F does several things:

  • It charges the 1.2v battery during the day, using power from solar cell.
  • It detects when is dark (when solar cell is in dark) and turn LEDs on. And turns LED off when is enough light.
  • It boosts the 1.2v from the battery to over 3v.

We can control how much current (mA) it gives out by choosing different values for the inductor (L1).




Without solar cell it works like Joule thief.


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