Programming ATtiny85 with Arduino Uno

Simple and easy way to use Arduino Uno as ATtiny programmer.

0. Turn the Arduino into a AVRISP

(AVR is a family of microcontrollers. ISP means In System Programmer)

Connect Arduino and open Arduino IDE -> File -> Examples -> 11.ArduinoISP ->ArduinoISP and upload to Arduino.

Ekraanipilt 2018-12-23 18-02-03

1. Install hardware package for ATtiny85

1.1 Open Arduino IDE -> File -> Preferences go to Additional Boards Manager URLs and copy this:

Ekraanipilt 2018-12-23 18-06-55

1.2 Open Arduino IDE -> Tools -> Board -> Boards manager. Find “ATtinyCore by Spence Konde” and click Install.

More about ATtinyCore:

2. Connect the hardware


3. Arduino IDE settings

Go to Arduino IDE -> Tools and select:

  • Board: “ATtiny 25/45/85”
  • Chip: “ATtiny85”
  • Clock: 8 MHz internal
  • B.O.D Level: “B.O.D. Disabled”
  • Save EEPROM: “EEPROM retained”
  • Timer 1 clock: “CPU”
  • LTO: “Disabled”
  • Port: (Your Arduino port)
  • Programmer: “Arduino as ISP”

Ekraanipilt 2018-12-23 18-15-55

4. Burn Bootloader

(You only need to do this once per chip)

Go to Arduino IDE -> Tools -> Burn Bootloader

5. Upload sketch

Go to: Arduino IDE -> Sketch -> Upload Using Programmer

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