1. These look good. Where do you tend to start (in terms of your lines) with indoor drawings like these? Or does it vary?

    1. The theory says that first you make a small plan. To set the composition. On separate paper.
      And then you start by putting in perspective lines. And where is your horizon. Depending on either one point or two point perspective. The first drawing is almost a two-point perspective. The second drawing is a one-point perspective.
      Here are some images of my drawing process https://photos.app.goo.gl/XWyCsJBHvbKyg8wJ8

      1. This makes sense to me now after my art instructor briefly explained the concept of vanishing points and the horizon line the other night when I was trying to draw a stool. He said he goes going to go into perspective in more depth later in the course. Your photos are really helpful in cementing it for me. Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much, Tauno! I’ll have a closer look at those photos later. And I think we’ll be getting more into perspective a bit later in my night classes.

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