Why and how

Before and after

The first drawings appear in 2011. I had been drawing them for a year before I started scanning into the computer. The beginning was more experimental and more different kinds of pictures.They were more like a story. Although I didn’t really have a specific story to tell.

Later they transformed into something to express my inner feelings, worries, and thoughts. Like an art therapy or something similar.

Sometimes I know what I want to draw. Other times I just start and will see what happens. There were times when I did several drawings a day. And times when I don’t do any for several weeks.

I have noticed that when I am happy I don’t have to draw.

I try not to do it to please people. I think it’s a trap when you to things to only hear how people say how much they like it.

Picture book NONOLOLO (There is only one copy)

The physical process of making these is very simple: pencil on paper. Sometimes fountain pen. Random ordinary smooth paper. I try to avoid the eraser as much as possible. Then I scan it and digitally manipulate image colour. I use GIMP. All my personal projects I use libre and open-source software.

Book I started in 2014, never finished


1 Comment

  1. thank you so much to share a lot about your drawings and you.
    there is no harm to do something to please people.
    Love your work (Y)

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