Description A device that measures the ambient temperature in the environment in which it is located. And displays it on the screen. Artistic description Plant-like structures. Display like blossom. Bottom woodblock aged with brushing with a wire brush and oxidation solution (steel wool + vingar). Animations When the number to display changes it plays shortContinue reading “Lämmämõõdusk”

Using AI to colourize black and white drawings

I found this deep learning project. It is meant and trained to colourize old black and white photos. And it does a very good job. But what it does when I use black and white drawings? If the picture depicts a person it works pretty well. Although it loves yellowish red tones. But with otherContinue reading “Using AI to colourize black and white drawings”

Linux special permission bits

SetUID We can enable files to be run by the permission of the owner of the file. Like when we change password (command passwd). When you run the password command, its being run as root. The s stands for SetUID. When the s is substituted where irregular bit would be, it allows us to runContinue reading “Linux special permission bits”