Board game table

Last week I designed this board game table. It has four sides and users can select what they like to play. Most interesting part for me was to come up with a locking mechanism and 3d-print it. 3d and CNC files are designed completely with Onshape free maker version. Links Valmis mängukuup, mis ühendab põlvkondi.Continue reading “Board game table”

Tauno Serial Plotter

Tauno-Serial-Plotter is simple serial plotter for Arduino and others boards. Written in Python3. In the last few weeks, I have learned how to package my Serial Plotter app into Ubuntu Snap format and made it available in snap store. Also, I have a plan to make it available as a Flatpak. It took aContinue reading “Tauno Serial Plotter”

SketcUp + Twinmotion

This autumn I learned SketchUp. It is quite different what I have used to use. In work, I use mainly SolidWorks and OnShape on free-time projects. I think SketchUp is good for thing which it is intended: to quickly visualise ideas. And plus side is that lot of other programs can import SketchUp files. TwinmotionContinue reading “SketcUp + Twinmotion”