Spurkfun Edge and Camera

My Arduino settings and code to use Sparkfun Edge with the camera module. Hardware Sparkfun Edge (Input only 3.3V.) Himax CMOS Imaging Camera – HM01B0 Wemos CH340G USB to serial (Make sure it output is 3.3V!) In Arduino IDE Add Boards Manager URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sparkfun/Arduino_Boards/master/IDE_Board_Manager/package_sparkfun_index.json Install SparkFun Apollo3 Boards package Install SparkFun Himax HM01B0 Cameras library Settings Upload sketch PressContinue reading “Spurkfun Edge and Camera”

How i made my digital radio

This is my simple one-button radio. One button to turn it on and change the volume. There are actually two buttons more: first to select a new channel and second one to save it to memory. It was a project that taught me how to draw PCBs, what are Gerber files and so on. IContinue reading “How i made my digital radio”

Tauno Serial Plotter

Tauno-Serial-Plotter is simple serial plotter for Arduino and others boards. Written in Python3. In the last few weeks, I have learned how to package my Serial Plotter app into Ubuntu Snap format and made it available in Snapgraft.io snap store. Also, I have a plan to make it available as a Flatpak. It took aContinue reading “Tauno Serial Plotter”


Description A device that measures the ambient temperature in the environment in which it is located. And displays it on the screen. Artistic description Plant-like structures. Display like blossom. Bottom woodblock aged with brushing with a wire brush and oxidation solution (steel wool + vingar). Animations When the number to display changes it plays shortContinue reading “Lämmämõõdusk”

My home environment and air quality monitoring system

We often hide the electronics in a box. And cases can be done well and nicely. But when our main interest is electronics then it is sad to hide it. That is way like to do it the opposite way. Sensors will measure particulate matter (Ultrafine dust PM2.5 and fine dust PM10), co2, TVOC, ambientContinue reading “My home environment and air quality monitoring system”

Dust sensor

Nova PM sensor SDS011 can measure fine dust and smoke = particulate matter (MP) concentrations in two categories: Ultrafine dust particles with a diameter of 0 – 2.5 micrometres (μm/m3). Output PM2.5 Fine dust particles with a diameter 2.5 – 10 micrometres (μm/m3). Output PM10 The sensor is designed with a built-in fan to ensureContinue reading “Dust sensor”

Serial Plotter code

This is my standalone serial plotter. I like to use Arduino, Esp866 etc. and then i started to learn python and decided to make something useful. Something that i will use and what is missing now for me. Although Arduino Ide contains serial plotter. It is little bit different. Written in python 3 and Qt5.Continue reading “Serial Plotter code”

Ambient light sensor TEMT600

TEMT6000 is ambient light sensor. It is sensitive to visible light much like human eye and has peak sensitivity at 570nm. Visible spectrum is 390 – 700 nm. The sensor can handle voltages from 3.3v and 5v. The sensor has been designed into a voltage divider circuit. To read that voltage connect SIG pin toContinue reading “Ambient light sensor TEMT600”

Electronic “paper crane” or orizuru – freeform circuit

I had a bunch of smd LEDs and no idea what to do with them. But then, when I had watched all these events in Hong Kong. And when I had seen how they make this paper cranes I decided to make my own version. It use ATtiny13 AVR microcontroller and software PWM to slowlyContinue reading “Electronic “paper crane” or orizuru – freeform circuit”