Kõnnõtoro ehk ruupor


Tuntud inimene, kes võru keeles kõnet peab (või teeb mõne muu teo, mis toetab võru keelt), kannaks tema ametit toetavat atribuuti. See peaks sobima kanda nii mehele kui ka naisele. Praegu on sõelale jäänud kolm eset: (jalutus)kepp, kaelaraha ja ruupor (ehk kõnnõtoro). Oleme mõelnud, et ruupor võiks meenutada Pähni kõlakodasid. 

Soovime Tsentrilt tellida puidust/vineerist ruupori kavandi ja töö. Ruupor võiks olla kaheksatahuline, sang küljes. Kuhugi külge peaks saama siduda rahvariidevöö. Ruupor võiks olla 35-40 (50) cm pikk, kerge ja igale tahule võiks kirjutada ühe vana Võrumaa kihelkonna nime: Räpinä, Vahtsõliina, Rõugõ, Harglõ, Karula, Urvastõ, Kanepi, Põlva. Võite ka omalt poolt välja pakkuda, kuidas seda oleks sobilik võrumaalikult kaunistada.

Versioon 1

Versioon 2

Custom Wooden Mechanical Keyboard

I had one old and cheap rubber dome keyboard with missing keys. So I take it apart and found this controller PCB board. The board pads were coated with graphite. I removed it and soldered wires on it. And put it on a breadboard. Then I mapped all rows and column combinations to find what scancode they output. For this, I have the python script to display which key is pressed.

Then I designed PCB for one switch. It is with breadboard friendly layout and uses through-hole components. And made a plywood mounting plate, stained it black and lacquered. I connected the buttons through the mounting plate to the circuit boards.

Then I figured out which buttons I wanted and soldered right C and R wires in the right places.

I also made a plywood case.

The next part was keycaps. I could use plastic ones. But I wanted them to be symmetrical and with symbols on them. So again I made them from plywood. The top layer is solid oak. Other is birch tree plywood. Laser cutting them and glued together. One part is 3D printed. Cross shape part that connects keycaps to switches. The hardest part was sanding the keycaps to the right shape. I did it by hand, but it should be mechanized process. And also my keycaps are larger than normal keycaps on the keyboard.

All wooden parts are finished with Liberon Black Bison Antikvax.


How i made my digital radio

This is my simple one-button radio. One button to turn it on and change the volume. There are actually two buttons more: first to select a new channel and second one to save it to memory.

It was a project that taught me how to draw PCBs, what are Gerber files and so on. I designed 4 different layouts, orders two. The first one had some noise problems. So I added some filters and ordered the second one.

It works and I am happy with it mostly. I do not have any education in electronics, so forgive me if it does not meet professional standards.

It is now my second stop motion animation. It took about a week to do. It could be better if I put more time into it.


It uses Arduino Nano as the main control unit.


Typography exercise

The goal was to make a vinyl record design using only typographic elements.

With one serif and one sans serif font:

With two variable sans serif fonts:

Sans serif + handwriting or display etc. font:

With opposite colours:

With primary tones:

With secondary tones:

With tertiary tones

With similar tones:


Colour + neutral tone

Font + line thickness

With background gradient:

With pattern:

It is here: Under the Magical Sky

It is here…

After a year of hard work and dedication, we are pleased to announce the launch of our first book and brand new website! Under the magical is finally here!

We are very proud of the result, excited about the future and so grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.

We are deeply passionate about creativity and arts, but can’t ignore the fact that millions of children face the least stable living and learning circumstances every day. That’s why we have decided that every time you purchase at Under the Magical Sky, we will donate to those in need.

Now, we invite you all to visit our site: https://underthemagicalsky.com/

Under The Magical Sky. By Valeria Bressan and Tauno Erik