Kõnnõtoro ehk ruupor

Lähteülesanne Tuntud inimene, kes võru keeles kõnet peab (või teeb mõne muu teo, mis toetab võru keelt), kannaks tema ametit toetavat atribuuti. See peaks sobima kanda nii mehele kui ka naisele. Praegu on sõelale jäänud kolm eset: (jalutus)kepp, kaelaraha ja ruupor (ehk kõnnõtoro). Oleme mõelnud, et ruupor võiks meenutada Pähni kõlakodasid.  Soovime Tsentrilt tellida puidust/vineeristContinue reading “Kõnnõtoro ehk ruupor”

Custom Wooden Mechanical Keyboard

I had one old and cheap rubber dome keyboard with missing keys. So I take it apart and found this controller PCB board. The board pads were coated with graphite. I removed it and soldered wires on it. And put it on a breadboard. Then I mapped all rows and column combinations to find whatContinue reading “Custom Wooden Mechanical Keyboard”

How i made my digital radio

This is my simple one-button radio. One button to turn it on and change the volume. There are actually two buttons more: first to select a new channel and second one to save it to memory. It was a project that taught me how to draw PCBs, what are Gerber files and so on. IContinue reading “How i made my digital radio”

Board game table

Last week I designed this board game table. It has four sides and users can select what they like to play. Most interesting part for me was to come up with a locking mechanism and 3d-print it. 3d and CNC files are designed completely with Onshape free maker version. Links Valmis mängukuup, mis ühendab põlvkondi.Continue reading “Board game table”

Typography exercise

The goal was to make a vinyl record design using only typographic elements. With one serif and one sans serif font: With two variable sans serif fonts: Sans serif + handwriting or display etc. font: With opposite colours: With primary tones: With secondary tones: With tertiary tones With similar tones: Monochrome: Colour + neutral toneContinue reading “Typography exercise”

It is here: Under the Magical Sky

It is here… After a year of hard work and dedication, we are pleased to announce the launch of our first book and brand new website! Under the magical is finally here! We are very proud of the result, excited about the future and so grateful for the opportunity to make a difference. We areContinue reading “It is here: Under the Magical Sky”