Continuous image capture from webcam

As part of an online course, I currently take “Computer Vision with Embedded Machine Learning” where is need to collect images to make the dataset. I modified the original code so I can use my regular Linux box and webcam, not Raspberry Pi. The programme counts down and saves images every 7 seconds. That isContinue reading “Continuous image capture from webcam”

Spurkfun Edge and Camera

My Arduino settings and code to use Sparkfun Edge with the camera module. Hardware Sparkfun Edge (Input only 3.3V.) Himax CMOS Imaging Camera – HM01B0 Wemos CH340G USB to serial (Make sure it output is 3.3V!) In Arduino IDE Add Boards Manager URL: Install SparkFun Apollo3 Boards package Install SparkFun Himax HM01B0 Cameras library Settings Upload sketch PressContinue reading “Spurkfun Edge and Camera”

Serial Plotter code

This is my standalone serial plotter. I like to use Arduino, Esp866 etc. and then i started to learn python and decided to make something useful. Something that i will use and what is missing now for me. Although Arduino Ide contains serial plotter. It is little bit different. Written in python 3 and Qt5.Continue reading “Serial Plotter code”

C vs. C++: Bubble sort

I have identical bubble sort algorithm in C and C++. Same data and same computer. Experiment shows that C is twice as slow as C ++. In C it takes 124 processor clicks or 0.000124 sec. In C++ it takes 66 processor clicks or 0.000066 sec. C Bubble sort code: C++ Bubble sort code: