Serial Plotter code

This is my standalone serial plotter. I like to use Arduino, Esp866 etc. and then i started to learn python and decided to make something useful. Something that i will use and what is missing now for me. Although Arduino Ide contains serial plotter. It is little bit different.

Written in python 3 and Qt5. It is basically my first GUI application ever.

Incoming data should be string. Ending with new line character. Number can be separated with almost any character.


label2la15be17el28/31/42/54 78


a2b1.5c1.7d2.8/3.1/4.2/5.4 7.8

But not with unless it is a negative number:


Script will extracts all numbers and generate graph.

Tested on Ubuntu 19.10 and Windows 10.

Sourcecode and instructions are on Github:

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