1. They’ve both left their towers to look at the sun. It’s like they’re on two different sides of the issue. Her tower is more curving, his is more angular. Hong Kong is this really rare special place of freedom so near to the largest communist nation in the world and they’re still peacefully protesting extradition to China and maintaining that freedom that exists there.

  2. Maybe she feels like she doesn’t have much freedom. Maybe because she didn’t appreciate freedom when she had it. Maybe they’re both examining the issue at the same time and seeing it how it really is away from the city. They had to separate themselves from it to understand it fully.

  3. I think it says they’re both loners who wish they could move freely about the city the way extroverts do and make good use of the city but they have put themselves in a lonely tower where they feel more comfortable. When they leave their towers and come together under the same sun they can see and understand each other better and through understanding each other, they understand themselves better. Maybe they both have a blind spot when it comes to seeing themselves because they are both like perfect mirrors reflecting everything but they can see themselves clearly in each other because they are so reflective. It’s like looking in a mirror. Now they are both looking at the sun. The probably don’t pay it much attention in their ivory towers. I think it says they don’t feel alone when they are together.

  4. Maybe it’s about the importance of going outside, getting some sunshine and not staying indoors all the time.

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