1. What a beautiful picture! Perfect for Halloween. Missing girl is floating above the grave of the Chinese Communist Party and she’s sitting in lotus position as though she’s meditating. The raindrops could represent tears. I think the birds represent freedom and new beginnings and the butterfly could represent hope or the spirit. The grave is a reminder that all things pass away and one day there will no longer be a CCP.

  2. It’s like the communist party has been defeated. It seems to represent the power of the mind to transcend the present moment and circumstances to find a place of peace and freedom that exists within us. I think it’s about transcendental meditation.

  3. It’s about escapism. Loopholes. Finding a way out of everything. It asks what is freedom really? Is it something inside of us or is it something that exists in the outside world?

  4. Birds and butterflies can fly. They’re totally free. When you can escape your mind and your life circumstances then you can attain a detachment that feels totally free.

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