Golden Fase

Tauno Erik

My face-shape PCBs have arrived – kindly made by Seeed Studio Fusion service. On the backside, there are one XIAO RP2040 microcontroller and two synchronous buck converters to make 5 and 3.3 voltages.

I found these Synchronous Buck Converter schematics, made by @wagiminator I incorporated them into my board design and it works pretty well. Input voltage 4.5V – 16V. The output voltage depends on resistors. And I didn’t have the right size SMD inductors so I used through-hole ones.

Unfortunately my design contained two mistakes:

  • Wrong footprint size for inductors (L1, L2). That was easy fix as you can see from images.
  • MCU board pins are flipped. Those on the left are on the right and vice versa. So I have to desolder it and turn around.

My previous post about this project.

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