Tauno Serial Plotter

Tauno-Serial-Plotter is simple serial plotter for Arduino and others boards. Written in Python3.

In the last few weeks, I have learned how to package my Serial Plotter app into Ubuntu Snap format and made it available in Snapgraft.io snap store. Also, I have a plan to make it available as a Flatpak.

It took a lot of time to fix all the small bugs. And to test it on different machines. Now it’s usable.

And I had made Windows 10 version. It’s on GitHub.

Get it from the Snap Store


SketcUp + Twinmotion

This autumn I learned SketchUp. It is quite different what I have used to use. In work, I use mainly SolidWorks and OnShape on free-time projects. I think SketchUp is good for thing which it is intended: to quickly visualise ideas. And plus side is that lot of other programs can import SketchUp files.


It is easy to import SketchUp files to Twinmotion. And instantly they look a lot better and more realistic.

Solar sailer

Solar sailer or just array of photoresistors

This my little project to measure light. It has 6*8 photoresistors or pixels. So I can measure 48 different values. A longer-term idea is to make small photosensor. I’ve done a little python script and app to display data: a heatmap graph.

What i learned so far

  • I should measure all resistors and LDRs first. So that they have the same value.

Code on GitHub: https://github.com/taunoe/solar-sail